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Our History

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We are a family owned and ran company which originated back in the 1960’s with just 12 hens producing eggs for local residents. In 1966 the business was established by Eddie and Pauline Kell under the ‘Eggy Shell’ trademark. As the business grew so did the hens with an average of over 4,000 hens producing eggs for the local shops and catering businesses. Alongside this they had a wholesale fruit and vegetable business supplying shops, takeaways and even the prisons in county durham with fresh produce and also two shops retailing in the area.  

With the birth of the supermarkets in the 80’s-90’s they sadly saw a decline in trade with the local retailers and travelling shops becoming a thing of the past.  With this in mind they decided to withdraw from the egg production market, concentrating on the wholesale side of the fruit and vegetable business.  

Eddie and Pauline had always been keen animal lovers with Eddie having kept rabbits since the age of 7 years old and Pauline was known for her passion of goats and in particular Anglo-Nubians. They had a menagerie of animals including ducks, geese, horses and donkeys.  With all these animals to feed they decided to buy feed in bulk. Friends would then take bags of feed for their animals and this led to a rethink in the business.  In the early 90’s the pet side of the business was growing and more stock was being held on site. The wholesale fruit and vegetable side was still ran on a morning delivery route with the warehouse open for afternoon walk in customers.

In 2008 a well respected feed businessman Gordon English sadly passed away. Gordon was infamous for stacking high and selling cheap. The majority of pet food was traded via Gordon in County Durham but Gordon left no children or relatives who wished to continue the business. At the same time Eddie decided to slow things down (at the age of 74!). Seeing a gap merging in the market place his Son, Sean, decided to step up and take the reins of the pet side of the business.

In 2009 the business was rebranded as The Feed Warehouse on the same site at Browney, Durham. Sean had came from a large national retailer background and brought with him a wealth of retail knowledge from his 10 years in the retail trade. With Eddie and Pauline still eager to lend a hand, he set about expanding the range of stock held in the 3,500 sq ft warehouse along with increasing opening hours.

In 2013 The Feed Warehouse opened its second warehouse in Consett, County Durham. As well as a retail outlet, this 8,500 sq ft site has also become head office and distribution centre for the business. This allowed us to buy in bigger bulk, dealing direct with all the main feed manufacturers, and continue to pass the savings onto our customers. In 2016 we opened our third store in Darlington. This is another large store spanning 5,500 sq ft. We currently stock over an approx 10,000 bags of feed at our sites as well as a huge range of bedding and accessories.              

We currently employ 15 full time staff as well as part time staff and have 2 full time drivers on the road delivering goods throughout the North East of England. We are registered to sell worming medication and pride our self on our passionate and knowledgeable staff.  

Our warehouses are open to the public and are shopper friendly so please feel free to come and have a browse at the thousands of products in stock.

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